Our Daily Bread Mission: began in 2007 as a simple gesture of love. Atiliano and Elsa Estrella where spending a great deal of time in the Dominican Republic with Elsa's ailing mother. Being from the Dominican Republic, they were no strangers to the overwhelming poverty of the island, particularly as the influx of Haitians had been growing over the years.

They decided to take action by purchasing and transporting food to the most remote, poor areas where few ever reach out to. They traveled to the mountainous regions, to the slums of the cities, to the construction sites and to bridges where many illegal aliens often live. When they returned home to the United States, Antiliano and Elsa gathered their off-spring and announced that they wanted to feed the poor in the Dominican Republic on a permanent basis. Together they decided to call their Mission "Mision El Pan De Cada Dia." (Our Daily Bread Mission).

In the beginning, when people visited the Estrella home, they were introduced to the family's mission: "To provide daily bread to those most in need." They were presented with a wooden chest where donations could be deposited for the new mission. The sign on the chest read: "Donation for those who are hungry."

Our Mission's main objective is to "provide daily bread to those most in need." However, the immense poverty, and the lack of governmental support in many areas has led our organization to also help those homes that have very little resources, that depend solely on the support of volunteers. Elsa, Anti, and their adult children travel to Dominican Republic and use 100% all of the funds raised to:

  • Feed the poor
  • Provide much needed assistance to Casa Lubby, an orphanage for crippled and disabled children
  • Assist Casa Rosada in Santo Domingo, a home for children with AIDS
  • And assist "Las Tres Hermanas in Lycei, Santiago" a home for the elderly run by nuns
Since our Missions' inception, Our Daily Bread Mission, has raised around $25,000.00. A small amount for such an enormous task, but 100% of every dollar raised is devoted to help those most in need. All involved volunteer their time and resources. All goods to be donated by the Mission are purchased in the Dominican Republic. In this way, the Mission also reduces additional costs of logistics and helps fuel the local economy. Our Mission also collects clothing and medical supplies such as wheelchairs, crutches, bandages, etc and we ship them via boats a few times a year to hand out to those most in need.

Atiliano Estrella, member of Our Daily Bread Mission and eldest son of Elsa and Anti, also serves in the NAHF (National Association of Hispanic Firefighters) as an International Ambassador. He works to educate the poor communities on fire safety and brings donated supplies and goods to the Dominican Republic for both organizations. Through his efforts and the donations of the NAHF, Dominican firefighters are being trained and are receiving much needed equipment to help the poor avoid life-threatening situations.

If you wish to directly support the Our Daily Bread Mission project, or simply would like to contact the Estrella family, please feel free to do so by writing to us via emai and we will contact you within 48 hours: ourdailybreadmission@gmail.com